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Ys Chronicles II
Nihon Falcom
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February 9, 2016
Reflections of Ys
By Limfinite

I enjoyed Ys Chronicles 1 enough on mobile to pick up its sequel when it released less than a year later. For less than $10, I had to complete the set. After the somewhat lacking translation seen in the first mobile port, fans openly voiced their opinions and the criticisms must have reached DotEmu. To my delight, Ys Chronicles II on mobile uses the translations by XSEED Games. The port is incredibly well polished with an intuitive interface, something that I've come to expect from DotEmu.

As with Ys Chronicles 1 on mobile, new achievements were added and are linked to your Mobile Gaming Profile. These are not the same achievements as the ones on Steam (Ys I & II Chronicles+) so hardcore collectors can spend hours being a completionist. I must warn you, some of them are quite the grind, such as "That's Heavy" (Get 99999 gold).

Note: The following is shared with our page for Ys Chronicles 1: Falcom had originally included some English text in the Japanese versions of Ys Chronicles, such as location names that appear when you first enter a new area and NPCs in Adol's journal. DotEmu had left these unchanged, unlike XSEED who had them modified for the PlayStation and Steam ports. These are images and not live text, which meant a graphic designer would have had to go in and manually alter each asset one by one. XSEED had tweaked several names in small ways to sound natural, or correct what Falcom was obviously trying to convey but misspelled (such as Drothy to Dorothy in The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky), while still retaining the basic pronunciation and meaning of the original Japanese version. DotEmu had left the original unaltered names by Falcom, which would sound unusual to most players if English were their main language.

I really like this port of Ys II and highly recommend it. The touch controls took me a bit to get used to. I suggest using a controller if you have one to pair with your mobile device. Furthermore, I thought it was interesting that DotEmu chose to name this mobile entry using a roman numeral (Ys Chronicles II) unlike the first game (Ys Chronicles 1). That's why the list of games to the left of this page has them listed using different numbering conventions.


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