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What is Emelas?

In the world of Ys, emelas is a special metal with magical properties that can create life. Emelas is created from a mineral called emel, which is one of the strongest metals in existence. There are originally 5 known versions of emelas that can be created, including blue, red, gold, black and white.

The following contains lore that is steadily told within the first five games (including Ys Origin), and later fully explained in The Ark of Napishtim (Ys VI). Reading this next section would not spoil any in-game plot since the lore takes place well before any game. However, we highly recommended that you play the games and discover the story organically for yourself.

The Winged Ones

The Eldeen, often referred to as the winged ones, are beings that built an advanced civilization long before any recordings of Ys. They constructed the Atlas continent, which is west of the Ys World Map and Canaan Islands.

Throughout the history of Ys, some legendary equipment was created using emelas. Blue emelas was used to create items imbued with Wind Magic, such as the Ventus Bracelet in The Oath in Felghana (Ys III). Red emelas was used to create items imbued with Fire Magic, such as the Crimson Lotusblade in Ys Origin. Gold emelas was used to create items imbued with Lightning Magic, such as the Ericcil Rapier in The Ark of Napishtim (Ys VI). Black emelas is incredibly rare and heavily sought after, as it possesses magical elements of all three previous emelas: blue, red and gold. White emelas possesses the power to control black emelas. The Eldeen transferred their souls into immortal bodies made of white emelas, which endowed them with the power to govern over black emelas. Black emelas can also create life. However, using black emelas without white emelas to control it would cause unstable results, such as the creation of demons. By using white emelas, the Eldeen were able to build several artifacts using black emelas such as the Black Pearl and the Ark.

The Ark, which is found on Zemeth Island between Canaan and Quatera, was used to control sea levels in order to protect those without wings, such as the Rehda (island folk) and humans. Eventually, the humans learned to craft using emel, and were able to create blue, red, and gold emelas. However, they were unable to make black and white emelas. As a result of their experiments, they created a new colour: Ash, the 6th known emelas.
Though being weaker than emel mineral, ash emelas had some magical properties. Humans began experimenting with ash emelas by infusing it with living beings. Galba (Dragon Soldiers) were born, created from ash emelas, and are living weapons of mass destruction used for war.

Dissatisfied with their results, humans attempted to steal the secrets of making black and white emelas from the Eldeen. They stole the Almarion key to enter the Ark and tried to learn its power. This caused the Ark to go unstable and the sea levels rose and flooded the Atlas continent and the Canaan islands. Alma, an Eldeen, prevented the Ark from flooding the entire world by sacrificing her white emelas body, creating a barrier. The entire Atlas continent was destroyed along with much of the Canaan islands.

The descendants of the humans responsible for the invasion of the Ark now call themselves the Darklings. One particular Dragon Soldier, created by the Darklings, was called Galbalan "the cruel marauder". It became sentient and rebelled against its creators, eventually moving to and terrorizing the land of Felghana. Its goal was to find and use the Ark to destroy all humans. An Eldeen called Genos sealed him away by sacrificing his own body much like Alma did with the Ark.

Genos and Alma rose to the heavens, followed by most of the Eldeen race, which were now nearly extinct. The legend of Alma became a symbol of praise and worship by the Rehda tribe. Only three Eldeen survived: Eldeel, Reah and Feena.

~ Mural of Alma and 3 Swords made of Blue, Red and Gold Emelas ~

The following contains MAJOR SPOILERS from Ys Origin, I, II, III and IV. We do not recommend you read any further until you have completed the first five games (including Origin).

Life With The Humans

Eldeel found residence in the land of Celceta, where he helped King Lefance build a grand kingdom. He brought with him the Akashic Records, and the Mask of the Sun. Eldeel then rooted a Roda Tree, in which he could converse with and help govern over life in Celceta. Roda trees can only speak the ancient language of the Eldeen, and can thus converse only to Eldeen and a friendly race called the Roo.

~ Roo living in their natural habitat ~

With the help of Eldeel, King Lefance created the dragon soldier Sol-Galba "The White Galba", which became a servant to his bloodline. Using the Akashic Records, Eldeen guided the people of Celceta for centuries of prosperity and peace. The Akashic Records is an artifact that contains the world's blueprints, including structure, properties, knowledge of the past and future. It is worth mentioning that changes can be made in the real world that differs from what the Akashic Records have predicted. The Mask of the Sun is the only key that can directly alter the Akashic Records and is used primarily to keep balance in the world when things go astray.

~ The Mask of the Sun ~
Meanwhile, Reah and Feena were put in charge of the Black Pearl and helped six humans who were skilled in magic to build the great kingdom of Ys, which resided just north of Celceta. These humans would later become the honoured Six Priests: Tovah the priest of Power, Dabbie the priest of Light, Hadal the priest of Earth, Mesa the priest of Time, Gemma the priest of Wisdom, and Fact the priest of Spirit. The Goddesses then rooted two Roda Trees in which they could converse with and help govern over life in Ys. They were named The Elder Brother and The Younger Brother respectively.

Editor's Note: The following contains lore from Ys Origin. Among the blessings of the Black Pearl, controlled by white emelas, was the power to augment a silver metal called Cleria. It is imbued with some of the most powerful magical properties in the history of Ys. With the glory of these miracles at their disposal, the people of Ys believed their radiant prosperity would shine on forever.

~ The Six Priests ~

Then one day, disaster struck. Without warning, the Darklings invaded Ys with a horde of demons in hopes to steal the Black Pearl. The people were driven to seek shelter in Solomon Shrine, where the Goddesses lived. The Goddesses and the Six Priests were able to use the power of the Black Pearl to raise Solomon Shrine into the heavens, away from the chaos. It took a little time for the demons to react. A great tower was erected and winged creatures came soaring through the sky. The crisis that wrought havoc upon the land had begun ascending for a second round in the air. This tower, known as the Darm Tower, consists of twenty-five, high-ceiling floors and is so grand it could be seen from most places in the northwestern continent of Eresia.

~ The rise of Solomon Shrine ~


700 Years later, some members of the Darklings went into hiding. For centuries, some would try to make amends for their ancestors' actions, while others tried to find the remaining Eldeen artifacts in hopes of achieving what their ancestors could not. A village in the Celceta region called Danan is home to many members of the clan.

Eldeel appointed Leeza, a descendent of King Lefance, to become his disciple. Her task was to bring the people chosen by Eldeel to the Tower of Guidance where they would receive knowledge of the future and ways of altering it to better the world. This process is facilitated by Sol-Galba, which now serves Leeza because of her lineage.

Lady Reah and Lady Feena awoke from their slumber with faded memories of the past. The land, which was once called Ys, is now known as Esteria. The six priests had passed on their knowledge through the six books of Ys, which are now protected by their decedents. When evil returns, their task was to deliver these books to the chosen one. Sara, a descendant from the house of Tovah, is a skilled fortuneteller able to use the Black Pearl. She had prophesized the chosen one by the name of Adol Christin...

The following contains MAJOR SPOILERS from Ys Seven
and pre-dates most of the Ys series.

The Five Dragons

The Five Dragons of Altago are deities who live north of the Afroca Continent. These immortal beings have existed since the creation of land and pre-date the Eldeen Civilization. The Five Dragons are as follows: Rada-Manj the Earth Dragon who governs over growth and age, Angue-Barl the Flame Dragon who observes the use of power, Mu-Anti the Wind Dragon who monitors peace, O-Balon the Sea Dragon who watches over prosperity, and Ze-Kalios the Moon Dragon who tends to global harmony. Their purpose is to sustain and balance all life, and when the life forces are upset, the Eldress of Iska (one of the Five Tribes of Altago who worships Ze-Kalios) will call forth the Wind of Destruction. Its purpose is to summon the Root of All Existence (also known as Rul-Ende) to bring about the end of all life on the planet. The difference between the Root and the cataclysmic event caused by the Ark is that although the Ark would have flooded most of the world if it had not been stopped, life would have continued in some form. The Root of All Existence aims to end life entirely, including the Eldeen, humans and all races, plants and animals. This would signal the Five Dragons to summon the Dragon Warrior who would seek to stop the Wind of Destruction. The Five Dragons serve as a counterbalance to the Root while the Dragon Warrior is chosen to participate in a test to prove the worthiness of the current life cycle. If the Dragon Warrior fails, the Five Dragons reset the world and all life is reborn once again. This process has been exercised several times in the past.

~ From Left to Right: Rada-Manj, Angue-Barl, Mu-Anti, O-Balon and Ze-Kalios ~

The following contains minor spoilers from Ys Seven and MAJOR SPOILERS from Ys VIII, pre-dating the entire Ys timeline.

The Lacrimosa

The world was created by three gods: Horu, the Sky God, Grattheos, the Sea God, and Maia, the Earth Goddess. During the creation of the earth, Maia also created the Great Tree of Origins, a powerful entity that facilitates evolution. Soon after creating the Tree, Maia fell asleep, dreaming up the world as we know it.

The purpose of the Great Tree was to nurture life and facilitate growth – as well as to initiate periodic cycles of selection and rejection that, in Maia's vision, were necessary to sustain life and prevent stagnant dominance of only one species. As each civilization reached its peak, the Great Tree triggered a cataclysmic event, known as the Lacrimosa, to wipe out those species and leave room for new growth. Several such civilizations preceded the humans and sank into oblivion –a sentient aquatic species that dominated the ocean, intelligent insectoids living in hives, fierce warrior minotaurs, and finally,
graceful sky beings capable of mimicry. From each species destroyed by the Lacrimosa, one was chosen to survive and become a Warden of Evolution.

This arrangement staggered and came to a halt with the emergence of the next species – the Eternians, and after them, the humans. The chosen warden of Eternia, Dana, rejected her fate and found a way to transport herself to the human era, where she joined forces with Adol Christin – a famous adventurer chosen to become the warden of the humans. Together, Dana and Adol confronted the Lacrimosa and awoke the Earth Goddess Maia. The Goddess reset the world to the way it used to be, but erased the Great Tree and all traces of Eternia from history. Dana became the new Goddess of Evolution, destined to oversee the future Lacrimosas. The human race continued on its normal course.

~ The end of the Eternian civilization was brought by the Lacrimosa of the Great Tree
in the form of a meteor shower, earthquakes, tsunamis and volcanic eruptions. ~

The following contains MAJOR SPOILERS from Ys IX.


One of the oldest religion - Tritheism - worships the three gods, Horu, Grattheos, and Maia, and is practiced in some regions of the land, prominently, in Altago. Tritheism temples and statues to the old gods can be seen all over Altago, including a giant Grattheos statue in the center of the harbor.

The Nors religion, once dominant in such countries as Gllia and Britai, is no longer followed, because their gods, Grimnir and Luki, have slain each other during the Hundred Years' war - when Gllia and Britai, the two nations under these gods' protection clashed arms. The Nors gods used to protect the humans by destroying the monsters – Lemures – that accumulated as a result of negative emotions in a void between worlds known as the Grimwald Nox. When the gods perished, humans found means to use alchemy and fight the Lemures for a while, and were eventually freed by Adol Christin, who was able to channel the power of old gods to destroy the Grimwald Nox itself.

Most kingdoms and provinces are now dominated by the Hieroglyph Church that worships One God and does not speak of the old ways. Hieroglyph nuns, priests and knights, appear frequently in Ys games.

~ Adol, also known as Crimson King, joins other Monstrums to destroy the Grimwald Nox ~

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