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Soundtracks: List of Songs
The following is a list of all available soundtracks in North America.
Legacy of Ys Books I & II
Original Soundtrack
02First Step Towards Wars
04Holders of Power
05Palace of Destruction
06Beat of the Terror
07Tower of the Shadow of Death
09The Last Moment of the Dark
10Final Battle
11Rest in Peace
12The Morning Grow
13See You Again
14Open Your Heart
16Ruins of Moondoria
17Noble District of Toal
18Cavern of Rasteenie
20Ice Ridge of Noltia
21Inside the Ice Wall
22Palace of Salmon
23Subterranean Canal
24Campanile of Lane
25Fair Wind
27A Still Time
28Stay With Me Forever
29Ys 1 COMPLETE -Opening-
30To Make an End of Battle
Ys I & II Chronicles
Musical Selections
~ Ys I ~
02First Step Towards Wars
04Holders of Power
05Palace of Destruction
06Beat of Terror
07Tower of the Shadow of Death
10Final Battle
11Victory (featuring Kanako Kotera)
~ Ys II ~
12To Make the End of Battle
13Ruins of Moondoria
14Sanctuary of Toal
15Rasteenie Mine
17Ice Ridge of Noltia
18Moat of Burnedbless
19Shrine of Solomon
20Subterranean Canal
21Campanile of Lane
24Do Not Go Gently
26In an Adventure World
Ys: The Oath in Felghana
Musical Selections
01Premonition (Acoustic Version)
02Prelude To Adventure
03Trading Town Of Redmont
04A Quiet Moment
05The Boy Who Had Wings
06Be Careful
07Beasts As Black As Night
08Illburns Ruins
09Chester's Theme
10A Searing Struggle
11Snare Of Darkness
12Death Blitz
13Steeling The Will To Fight
15Valestein Castle
16Seal Of Time
18Beat Of Destruction
19The Strongest Foe
21Wanderers From Ys
22Pages Of Memory (featuring Youichi Shigami)
23Premonition (Piano Version)
Ys Seven
Musical Selections
01Innocent Primeval Breaker
02In the Bustling Square
03Mother Earth Altago
04Vacant Interference
05Extensive Forest Green
06Land of Fertility
07Great Tree (Shannoa)
08Desert of Despair
09Vitality of the Grand Flame
10Place of Reticent Lava (Segram)
11Smashing Through the Mountain Path
12Prayers to the Breath of Life
13Sanctuary of Meditative Wind (Kylos)
14Ruined Isle (Edona)
15Crossing Rage!
16Lost Harmony Among People
17To Reveal the Way to Go
18Primitive Deep Leaves
19Legend of the Five Great Dragons
21The Sacred Wind
22Lost Method
23Isolated Island Consigned to Oblivion
24The Place Where Souls Return
25Falcon Strike
26Ancient Disputation
27Rush Out! (featuring Kanako Kotera)
Ys Silver Anniversary Edition
- Music From the History of Ys -
~ DISC 1 ~
- Ancient Ys Vanished: Omen -
01Ys Eternal (Ys 1 Eternal Opening)(2001 Original)
02First Step Towards Wars(1989 Arranged)
03Dreaming(2012 Arranged)
04The Last Moment of the Dark(1991 Arranged)
05Endless History(1990 Arranged)
06In the Memory (Ys 1 PSG Ver. Ending)(1989 Original)
- Ancient Ys Vanished: The Final Chapter -
07To Make the End of Battle(1991 Arranged)
08Ice Ridge of Noltia(2012 Arranged)
09Emergency Protectors(1993 Arranged)
10Subterranean Canal(2012 Arranged)
11Lilia -English Version-(1989 Arranged)
- Ys III: Wanderers from Ys -
- Ys: The Oath in Felghana -
12I Suddenly Recall(2005 Arranged)
13The Boy Who Had Wings(1989 Arranged)
14Illburn Ruins(2012 Arranged)
15Valestein Castle(1991 Arranged)
16Seal of Time(2005 Arranged)
17Chop!(1991 Arranged)
18Beat of Destruction(2010 Arranged)
19Descendant of Genos(2010 Arranged)
~ DISC 2 ~
- Ys IV: Mask of the Sun -
- Ys IV: The Dawn of Ys -
- Ys: Memories of Celceta -
01The Dawn of Ys(1993 Original)
02Memories of Celceta(2012 Original)
03Field(1993 Original)
04Song of an Angel(1997 Arranged)
05Burning Sword(2012 Original)
06Battle #58(2012 Original)
07A Kiss From Eldeel(2012 Arranged)
08Great Ordeal(1993 Original)
09The Great Forest of Celceta(2012 Original)
10Valley of Quicksand(1993 Original)
11Gust of Wind(2012 Original)
12Crimson Wings(2013 Arranged)
13Harlequin's Temptation(1994 Arranged)
14In the Fires of Ignition(2012 Original)
15Walking the Path of Legend(1993 Original)
16The Morning After the Storm(2012 Original)
17Bronze District(1993 Original)
18Ancient Land(2012 Original)
19Black Wings(2012 Original)
20Iris(2012 Original)
21The Final, Decisive Battle(2012 Original)
- Ys V: Lost Kefin, Kingdom of Sand -
22Digest(1996 Original)
23Field of Gale(2012 Arranged)
24Crimson Ruins(1996 Original)
25Thieves of Brotherhood(1996 Arranged)
26Farewell(1996 Arranged)
~ DISC 3 ~
- Ys VI: The Ark of Napishtim -
01I'm Here For You(2005 Arranged)
02Pandora(2013 Arranged)
03Mighty Obstacle(2003 Original)
04The Ruined City of Kishgal(2013 Arranged)
05Ernst(2010 Arranged)
06The Depth Napishtim(2003 Original)
- Ys SEVEN -
07Rush Out! -Full Version-(2010 Arranged)
08Mother Earth Altago(2010 Arranged)
09Great Tree(2010 Arranged)
10Crossing Rage!(2010 Arranged)
11Road to Solitary Death(2009 Original)
12Legend of the Five Great Dragons(2010 Arranged)
- Ys Origin -
13Genesis Beyond the Beginning(2007 Original)
14Scarlet Tempest(2007 Arranged)
15Scars of the Divine Wing(2007 Arranged)
16Silent Sands(2007 Arranged)
17Prelude to the Omen(2007 Arranged)
18Termination(2007 Original)
- The Typing of Ys -
19Theme of Adol -2001 Version-(2001 Original)
Select Soundtrack
01Lacrimosa of Dana -Opening Ver-
02Next Step Toward The Unknown
03Smash Up !
04Ilculcian Dance
05Corridor Of The Lost Ages
Seiren Songs
01Lacrimosa of Dana –Opening Ver.-
02Sunshine Coastline
03Smash Up !
04Invisible Exit
05Crimson Fighter
06The Sibylline Road
07Red Line -021-
08Next Step Toward The Unknown
09Iclucian Dance
11Garden of Celen
12You’ll See Out The End Of The Tales
13Corridor Of The Lost Ages
14Origine Della Vita
- Building Characters -
01Vacant InterferenceSEVEN
02Sanctuary of Meditative Wind (Kylos)SEVEN
03To Reveal the Way to GoSEVEN
04Trading Town Of RedmontFelghana
05Valestein CastleFelghana
06Seal Of TimeFelghana
07First Step Towards WarsChronicles
08To Make the End of BattleChronicles
09Shrine of SolomonChronicles
10Rock On The RoadTrails In The Sky
11Sophisticated FightTrails In The Sky
12Whereabouts Of The StarsTrails In The Sky
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